zentrada extends Fashion Marketplace

June 10, 2017

The European wholesale marketplace zentrada ( invested in the fashion and accessory sector and extended the product lineup considerably with new suppliers.


Fashion is and will remain one of the biggest sectors for the independent and stationary retail industry. In addition to supporting popular brands in their vertical approach to consumers, the Internet also lends itself as a great sourcing and distributing channel for small and medium-size manufacturers and retailers. 

The Fashion zentrada wholesale marketplace from zentrada

With more than 100.000 fashion-interested zentrada-members, the sector Fashion & Accessories – including more than 130.000 products – is already one of the highest-selling product groups in the today.

“ We want to extend the supply of Young, Special, and Best Value Brands extensively in order to open the European market for all small suppliers and retailers,” says zentrada CEO Ingo Schloo as goal for the future. Already on zentrada, and really successful, is Roadsign, a really popular fashion brand from Australia, which has been active in Europe since 2007. The brand doesn’t only represent the yellow trademark of Australia anymore, but also spreads the spirit of adventure, recreation, sport and outdoors activities. “The distribution through zentrada.Distribution  allows us to take on new markets and reach retailers, who were not familiar with our brand Roadsign before”, says Volker Werth, Key Account Manager at Roadsign Australia.

Another new label is “The Fresh Brand”. This is a new and dynamic fashion brand from Paris that offers, with more than 350 products, a full product range of casual sports clothing and sportswear for the fashionable men. The brand represents the American lifestyle and simultaneously maintains an European touch.

Roadsign lives the Australian Dream

The brands, Roadsign and The Fresh Brand, use the new all-round package of zentrada.Distribution. Therefore, the European-wide marketing, invoicing, accounting, and shipping are entirely handled by zentrada. The buyers’ benefit is dealing with only one central partner in sourcing.

But these brands are only a small part of the current fashion catalogue on zentrada.  Other popular brands are Geographical Norway and Canadian Peak, which produce young and sporty outdoors fashion. Many additional manufacturers and wholesalers extend the product lineup in the lower price segments; “so that Fashion retailers are able to select products that fit perfectly to their location and target audience”, Schloo explains the trend. 

The Fresh Brand – a young Label from Paris for the modern Man

In the weeks before the Fashion Week Berlin, the magazine TextilWirtschaft reported that Zalando and the fashion manufacturer Bestseller (Jack&Jones, Only, etc.) founded a joint venture for the B2B market. Obviously, the online retailer also sees the great potential for the stationary fashion retail in the future.

In addition to the core assortment, stationary retailers will have to constantly extend their supplement assortments with LifeStyle offers for their specific target audience. Fashion accessories, such as watches, jewelry, and leatherwear, are already the norm today. Changing promotions of cosmetics & health care, home & living, and especially seasonal offers and current trend topics, should create additional excitement for customers and create loyalty and extra revenue.

Therefore, retailers have to act more freely to complement their core suppliers and create more efficient sourcing processes. Zentrada offers a solution, which has been used by many hundreds of thousands of retailers throughout Europe, and offers with marketplaces and offices in eight languages an efficient online wholesale platform for retailers and suppliers. In the past, especially smaller companies have not used the Internet in its full potential for the sourcing of products. “ The availability of good merchandise with great reselling conditions for all small retailers has the potential to reverse the trends of the last years in the retail industry “, describes Ingo Schloo as the mission for zentrada.


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“Fristående handlare är ofta väldigt nära kunden, men långt ifrån de bästa leverantörerna.” erbjuder sina medlemmar enkel tillgång till fler än 400 000 produkter, trendartiklar, märkesvaror och överskottsprodukter från alla kategorier inom konsumentvaror

Sedan 2005 har zentrada öppnat kontor och marknadsplatser i Tyskland, Frankrike, Italien, Spanien, Nederländerna, Polen och Ungern samt en engelsk version av plattformen för resten av Europa. Banbrytande och marknadsledare inom europeisk grossisthandel. Med stöd för TradeSafe beställnings- och betalningsplattform kan även små handlare dra nytta av fördelarna med det stora utbudet och de låga priserna den europeiska marknaden erbjuder. Med lägre risk och utan avancerade språkkunskaper.

2017 lanserades zentrada.Distribution med eget logistikcenter i Würzburg, Tyskland. Nu kan även små handlare göra inköp hos stora leverantörer.

Medlemsskap på zentrada och TradeSafe är alltid gratis för kommersiella köpare. Med tillval som FreeD! ingår fria leveranser till en fast avgift varje kvartal.


Martina Schimmel, Public Relations
zentrada Europe GmbH & Co. KG
Kantstr. 38, 97084 Würzburg
Telefon: 0931/35981-1

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